HTTPS secure site protocol

As early as September 2016, Google had anticipated this, stating that it would be committed to giving its users a more secure network. Here something has moved to date, in fact with the release of the Chrome update number 56 all the sites that require data such as ...


Launch of Chapter BNI Prato

9 June 2017 At 07 am Wall Art Hotel Viale della Repubblica, 20/4/6, 8 Prato Friday 59100 June 9, at 2017 am, at the Wall Art Hotel in Viale della Repubblica, 7.20/4/6, in Prato (PO), the official launch of the BNI "Prato" Chapter will be held, which ...


LMS, what it is and how it works

What does LMS mean? LMS acronym for Learning Management System, is nothing more than a digital platform that allows you to distribute training content in the form of digital courses and online tools that allow learning that can be monitored ...