Web Analytics

How to measure the dynamics of your website and have full control of the data


Understanding and improving the interaction of users with the web and consists in detecting their behavior using specific software and tools and in the subsequent phase of analyzing the data thus collected.


The more a company considers the website a strategic resource among the marketing or sales tools, the more it will find in Google Analytics an evaluation tool that can answer questions about the return on investments made.

Make the most of Analytics

It serves to better understand the dynamics and behaviors of our contacts and therefore to adapt offers and communication to their way of acting; here is that our intervention will be aimed at the following operations:


Account creation

reporting and administration


Status monitoring

and operation via "TAG Assistant"



of other tools such as WMT and Adwords


Generation of the TAG

 and integration into the site

Reading and interpretation

real-time and historical data


and channeling of objectives

Do you want more control?