analysis and reporting

Business Intelligence

Google Data Studio is one of the many tools made available by Google for data analysis and reporting.

Cross the data!

Connect different data entries, such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, but also data from MySQL or BigQuery databases, to cross parameters that update automatically.

Create graphs and images to improve the visualization of cross-data, their reading and to make them easier to understand.

A real evolution of data analysis on the web

Like all Google tools, the files created can be shared with other users, by inserting dynamic filters, such as the date of the searched parameters. This is a great way to share processes put in place by Advertising Campaigns, Lead Generation, online sales, being able to manage users based on read-only or the ability to modify the spreadsheet itself.

All easily under your control

Business Intelligence is therefore an advanced approach to the data analysis process, with the possibility of creating display panels capable of keeping all the actions we intend to monitor under control.